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Paymall and paytm are the best app for (Paymall shopping) shopping and transaction of money. Since for New year and New Stocks are about to come these companies have launched some new offers for their user . In this blog we will try to tell you about some of the offers such as 100-cashback(100%) and how to apply them. Enjoy your Paymall shopping.

Guaranted 100-Cashback(100%) on Paymall shopping

There is a jackpot offer for new paymall user. Paymall give 100-cashback guaranted on first shopping of exclusive product. By the help of give promo code we enjoy the 100% cashback offer.  Promo codes are mentioned below-

Different shopping items







70% cashback on Men’s wear clothes.

Paymall is also giving 70% cashback on Men’s clothes on New Year first month to users. Paymall has lots of amazing offers on top brands.

Cashback on Men's wear

These are some of the top brands where you can avail your give offers.

Adidas, Puma, Fastrack, Reliance, Duke etc.

sale on Men's wear


55% cashback on Luggage Bags.

Paymall is one of the best shopping app, giving almost half the percent of the actual cash back to its users. With some additional offers on top luggage bags brands as like Safari, Pronto, American Tourister, Skybags and VIP also.

Cashback on trollybags

On Luggage Bags Paymall gives a short offer which will help you to reduce the shipping cost of Luggage Bag during delivery process.

Cashback on trollybags


10,000 cashbank on iphone X.

Paymall is one of the best shopping mart. It gives a huge amount of cashback to its users. Paymall now gives 10,000 Rupees of cashback to their user on iphone X.

Iphone cashback cashback promo code

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