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My name is Varun Soni, a full-time blogger from India, living my own life without Boss. Running this blog with an intention to share some knowledge about New update and techniques and also create myself as entrepreneur.

Techmantri also provides articles, tutorials and industry news about trends and techniques.

                           It’s mhe your Techmantri Varun (Virus)

I started blogging in 2017 – keeping in mind to support all people to know about the   different ways to earn money through Wordpress.

I started my first online portal in 2016 (probably I was studying the pre-final year of my college) on free Blogspot platform.

The blog was no more, but it had taught me how to start my own business? After I completed my 2 year of college studies, I went for the job due to family circumstances.

Between them I reduced my online presence for two years 2016 – 2017 and later, during the early 2017’s October , I registered my first domain techmantri.com.

I do not aware of CMS such as WordPress, Blogger’s Blog because I discontinued working online between these two years but my passion was not discontinued and it pushed me to learn HTML based web-design and about WordPress


                               ————-Our approach———–

The hallmark of what we do is to listen, be inquisitive and work hard to continuously bring the most innovative pieces of work into reality. For every finished article, it goes through a deep, refined research process. We are uncompromising. It’s our obsession.

Our vision has always been to truly focus on telling technical stories. Ones that invoke remarkable, extraordinary experience. because to tell a powerful story, you have to start from the very beginning.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.

                   —— Donovan Bailey