How to change mobile no in SBI Internet Banking & other banks

This article is a complete guide for changing your registered mobile no in your SBI Account or any other bank using your internet banking. change mobile no

How to change Mobile No in SBI

Sbi gives us 3 ways to change the mobile no in internet banking.

  1. Approval through branch
  2. OTP on both the mobile
  3. Through contact center or ATM

Firstly Login to your SBI internet banking by

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Enter your username and password. Click on Profile > Personal details.
  3. Enter your profile password

Approval through branch

Now choose first optionĀ  > Approval through branch.You will get a Reference no. Note it down and take a blank page and write down the application to change your mobile no along with this reference code.

Go to branch and submit the application. Mobile no will be updated within seconds.

Approval through OTP on both Mobile No/IRATA/Contact Center

Follow the above steps till profile then select otp on both no.

Now enter your new mobile no twice and you are done.

Now you will see 3 option, OTP on both no, IRATA and Contact No. Select any one and proceed accordingly.

Remember : If you are on viewing rights, upgrade access level by going to services > upgrade access level. In case you are a minor, then you can change your no by only approval through branch.

How to change Mobile No in ICICI & PNB

Changing mobile no in ICICI & PNB is very simple.

  1. Go to nearby ATM
  2. Enter your card and pin
  3. Go to other services
  4. Select change mobile no
  5. Enter your new No.
  6. Confirm your new no
  7. You are done.

How to change Mobile No in Andhra Bank

There are 2 ways for this:

  1. Through branch via application
  2. through ATM just like ICICI


This article is important for people who are living far away from their home branches. Any comments, doubts, questions are welcome in the comment section below.


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