How to create About us page on WordPress website

The About us page is the one of the most important page on your wordpress website .About us page help us to know the sense duty of your blogs for users.About us page  meanly help us to know about the website that in which topics blogger mostly write there blogs.In this blog we will insulate who to create a About us page and why About us page important for a good blogger.

Why your About Us page matter

Most of beginner blog ask this question why About Us page is matter and who is it important.


So answer is , About us page help to known about the website that  in this website which types of blogs are running and which types of blogs we find here.It also disclose the principal and some rule of website the in which types of limitation website follow and in which types of statement website provide you. If you want your website adsence proved so About Us page in compulsory without About Us page Google can’t approve your website .

How to create About Us page on WordPress

about us page

Create a About Us page on WordPress site is a work of finger snap.By the following step we create a killer About Us page on WordPress website.


  • Step1-Go to Dashboard
  • Step2-Than click on Page options
  • Step3-After that click on create Page Option than give page Name About Us
  • Step4-After geving heading write about your sef and your website that which types of services you provide and how it work.
  • Sterp5-At last link your social site links like Facebook, G-mail,LinkedIn etc .

What we write on About Us page

There are some following points that what we write in our About Us page and who make it cool and impressive.

  • Write some fun and serious fact.
  • An inspiring mission story.
  • A cool and impressive fact why you start blogging .
  • Interact like real and live people.

about us

For getting Adsense About Us page is very Important without it Google cant approve your website for adsense. About Us page complete your website and show the identify that particular blog and website is legal





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