How to increase your Website traffic(Fast)

Hello friends !  As we all know that in 2018 Google make lots of changes on there working style. After that performing lots of things on website are difficult as make good Rank and increase traffic also. Now a days most of time bloggers think about increasing the post traffic. That how we increase our blogs or website traffic without SEO .

When it’s come to me so friends here I have 60% of organic traffic who come from Google, bring, Yahoo and other social search engine.

As we all know in pervious couples of year IT take spark and fire speed. Number of blogger are also increase. Genially they all work on SEO who take lots of traffic easily .So friends in this Blog we discuss about increase bolg and website traffic without SEO.

Online Advertising : Adwords/Infolinks/Media/and other

Online Advertising is a best and easy way to increase traffic without doing SEO. By the help of it you take thousand number of targeted traffic with in couple of hours.

Adwords is a Google’s service. It help you to providing targeted traffic and also to increase your business sale. For using this service you login on Adwords by the help of your Gmail id and cerate own Ad. There are 2 types for creating Ad.

  1. Search Ad- It show on Google search.
  2. Display Ad- It show on other websites.

Click Here to know about Google Adsense 

Advertising on Facebook

First of fall I want to know that it depends on your blogs and website quality. My website get 60% of traffic by facebook Advertising.

Targeted 5000 traffic is better than untargeted 15000 traffic .

Facebook is a popular social networking site. Facebook have billion’s of user every months. By the help of facebook you increase large number of traffic. Here facebook have one more feature for boost up your blogs and post Facebook Ad. They are less expansive tha google Ads and also give you more traffic.You create Facebook Ads easily by your personally Facebook id.


Guest Posting to Get Free traffic

For increasing traffic on blogs and website Guest posting is a best option. For SEO and increasing traffic it’s a free service. Guest posting is a trick. In this trick you comment and post your website or blog details or links on other websites.

Where and How?

  1. Doing Guest posting on daily News sites. Here you see lots of traffic and take a little chance to move it on your site.
  2. Apply it on related Website or blog comment box.
  3. Also apply it on that websites where you see lots of traffic. You apply it here also [Click Here].

If you want to search Guest Posting sites on Google so before and after world use it (“”).e.g.-“Guest posting”,”Guest post by “,Suggest a Post”. By the help of these keywords you search High PR websites and easily perform Guest posting trick.

Top social site Media platform to increase Website traffic.

different mode of publicity to get website traffic

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Reddit
  6. Instagram
  7. LinkedIn

These are some most popular social site where you get lots of traffic .Here you easily share you website link and blogs fre of cost and generate traffic.

Here you have big probability for generate lots of traffic.

For know more about SEO (Search engine optimization) [Click Here]

By the help of  Youtube

Youtube is also a good option to generate traffic without SEO. For this you create a video and write website and blog link on description box. You also pin you website or blog link on popular related video’s comment box.

Remember –Never forget write ‘http’ before writing your website or blog link anywhere .

For any drought and related Question write comment.

We (techmantri) always try to give your Answer as well as it possible.

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