Verify Aadhaar Number On Mobile

This article is a complete guide you that how to verify Aadhaar number on mobile. Aadhaar Card is one of the most important document for start any legal process and opening bank account also.

Remember : If your Aadhaar card is not registered with your current mobile number so you can’t perform any type of given operations because in processing time UIDAI send a verification code(OTP).

Download Aadhaar Card On Mobile
  1. Visit Aadhaar card website from this link.( )
  2. Than go to Aadhaar Online Services
  3. After that click Download Aadhaar option.

Than fill out all basic details e.g. Aadhaar/Enrolment No. , Full Name , Pin Code and OTP after that you see your Aadhaar card on your screen.

Verify Email/Mobile Number
  1. Visit Aadhaar Verify website ( )
  2. Than fill out all the fill up and click on Get OTP.
  3. After verify OTP you know about your Email/Mobile Number

Registered Mobile Number is essential to avail Aadhaar Online Services .In case your Mobile number is not registered with your Aadhaar , visit the nearest Permanent Aadhaar Centre(PAC).

Check Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status
  1. Visit Aadhaar card website from this link.( )
  2. Verify OTP.
  3. After that you have Bank details where your Aadhaar link.

Know Aadhaar is mandatory in KYC(Know your customer) . Aadhaar Kendra available in over 2500+ Bank branches the country.

Get Aadhaar Card Number on Mobile
  1. You will require EID(Enrolment ID) and your Registered Mobile Number to get your Aadhaar on your Mobile.
  2. After Verify Mobile number and OTP UIDAI send Aadhaar number on registered Mobile number.

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