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Paytm is the one of the most trust able economical application in India. It offer make Paytm app popular day by day. Paytm offer discount, cashback, sale and many more types offers. Paytm offers time to time for make it famous and more popular day by day. It mostly give offers on Electricity Bill and Recharge who main help to increase there usability. Because of Paytm offers people use it most rethere than other economical application.

paytm offer

There are some paytm offer. I think hopefully they help our readers that who they work and who we use paytm offer and which types of offer paytm provides us.

Paytm offer on Electricity Bill

It  gives you 100% cashback on your first electricity bill but there are also some conditions apply.


If you pay your family bill on Paytm so it also gives you 300 Rupess of cashback.


If you pay electricity upto 700 Rupees so it  gives you instant 20 Rupees of cashback.

Promocode :-BIJLI

paytm offerPaytm offer

Paytm offer on Mobile Recharge

If you pay your familiy mobile bill on paytm so it also give you cashback upto300 Rupees.


When you pay your mobile bill and recharge your mobile first time on Paytm so it give you 100% cashback but your bill and mobile recharge amount is upto 50 Rupees.


By the of using  this app you earn daily 5 Rupees of cashback on your Mobile Bill or daily recharge but your recharge amount is upto 50 Rupees .

In this offer you use same Promocode 5 times with in day.


Paytm Offer on DishTV

If you recharge your DishTV by the paytm so it gives you 10% of Goldback and 300 Ruupees of cashback on your upto 300 Rupees recharge.


On your first DishTV recharge it gives you 100% of cashback of your amount but the conditions is there that your recharge will be upto 50 Rupees min.


It also gives you 30+30 Rupees cashback when you using Paytm UPI funcation and recharge your DishTV by paytm UPI.



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