Top – 5 Best WordPress plugins of 2017

In this article, I have filtered out top 10 best and most essential wordpress plugins of 2017. These plugins make work easier and faster. so here it is.

1. Contact Form 7

top 10 wordpress plugins

Contact form 7 is the best plugin for creating contact forms and feedback forms. It is widely used in all types of wordpress website and is it must for every wordpress website.

Download Link : here.  In order to use this, paste the short code of the form on the page you want your contact form to be.



2. Table of Contents Plus

This is one of the most commonly used wordpress plugins in the blogs with more text. This plugin creates a table at the top of the post with the hierarchical order according to the headings of the post. This gives a better browsing experience to the user.

Download Link : here.   This plugin activates automatically and starts showing the table of content on all of your posts.


3.  Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo is the most powerful plugin of SEO. It is the best SEO plugin. It Optimizes the search engine and let your website rank higher. The Plugin  gives you suggestion when you write articles and increase the quality of the post.

The Plugin is widely popular for its color indicators, the green sign stands for good. Yellow for OK. and Red for bad SEO.

Download Link : here. This plugin gets activated instantly can be used while editing pages and articles.




Disqus is a powerful comment system which increases the reader engagement, grow audience and traffic. The Disqus for WordPress plugin lets site owners and developers easily add Disqus to their sites, replacing the default WordPress comment system

Download link : Here. This is a quick setup plugin and have a good support for its users.



Sucuri is a security plugin for wordpress sites. It regularly scans for threats, attacks, scripts  etc on the wordpress site. It stops all the actions of hackers effectively.

Donwload Link : here. Dashboard of sucuri displays all the threats and suggest safe actions.


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