What is mobile marketing and why mobile marketing

Do you want to know why mobile marketing is important and why should we go for Mobile Marketing. 

Moblie Marketing is a process who help us for shopping,ticket booking, medacian and Fees paymeant. As we know  now a days every person use Mobile .They want to improve there life style and working patten.Mostly peoples perform there daily work on Mobile and Mobile Marketing give attraction on a product. They all want to do there work easy as it posiable and also finish as soon as possible.Mobile Marketing is product saleing trick who apply by companies time to time .Mobile Marketing help to make product trendy and pouplar.Mobile Marketing is very important to evey knid of Bussines .Mobile Marketing help to make sales, Mobile marketing boost up the product sale.

What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a marketing in which Mobile Device should be used for marketing. Any marketing activity in this can be done through mobile device such as any online shopping or SMS notification for any product advertisement. About a famous markeitng specialist Andreas Kaplan’s Mobile Marketing, it is to say that such marketing activity, which is done through any ubiquitous network, and that the Consumer or customer is constantly connected with the help of their Personal Mobile Device.If seen, it swings quite a lot in Internet Marketing, where marketers need users to provide their services and to advertise their products.

mobile marketing

There is considerable research in this type of marketing to understand the nature of the Mobile User, to design the Mobile Platform accordingly, and to adopt different marketing techniques of Mobile Marketing. With this, we have to keep in mind that people are continosly getting other advertisements like email, sms and mms or not to stay connected.

Mobile Marketing, Customers and Business World

Now, if we talk about Business World, Mobile Marketing is a very cutting-edge marketing process. With this help, business owners have the ability to contact their customers directly, so that they can advertise their products. Ecommerce business can be easily enhanced by this. Marketers can now contact customers according to their nature and requirement. They can research by researching what kind of products customers are searching for and they will advertise the products according to their requirements. I think that this time mobile is to be used in marketing and who is not doing it, it is probably lagging behind others.

Ads are mainly used in Mobile Marketing

 In Mobile,Smartphones, Tablets and other Mobile Devices. These ads are shown in Screen of Mobile. Adset, Customization and styles of Mobile Marketing can vary from one another, because different Social Media Platforms, Websites and Mobile Apps provide mobile ad options accordingly.

Statistics of Mobile Marketing

  •  More than 80% of mobile device time is spent on Apps, and Games.
  • People browse more than 70% with the help of their mobile devices.
  • Mobile search statistics have increased by more than 200% over the past few years.
  • It is believed that Mobile Search will also exceed Desktop Search in the next 5 years.

mobile marketing

Therefore, it is not right to say that Mobile will remain in Mehjuda Market for a long time now and very soon it can be taken in place of Traditional Computers. So if you have not even thought of mobile marketing yet, then think quickly or later that it has come to know that someone has gone ahead with you in the time of your thinking.

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

Well, many mobile marketing strategies that are worth use are Mehjood. But they work according to business. It works according to your business type, which industry, target audience and budget. So let’s know more about them.

App-Based marketing:

These Mobile Advertising use Mobile Apps. As we know, more than 80% of people use most apps in their mobile phones, so you do not need to create a new app for marketing. With the help of Google AdMob, Advites can also create mobile ads and they can advertise in other third party mobile apps.Similarly, Facebook also helps Advitisers to create ads that they can advertise in the facebook mobile app. Facebook’s Promoted Post ads are so well absorbed in Facebook’s feed that users do not know whether they are viewing any ads or feed.

In-Game mobile marketing

In-game Mobile Marketing is called mobile ads that appear in Mobile games. These in-game ads appear on banner pop-ups, full-page image ads, or video ads. And they are visible in the time of Screen Loading.

QR codes

QR codes are often used to pick users in a particular webpage. Therefore, advitisers can also include their ads in those QR codes so whenever a user scans those QR codes, they are only in the advertisements of Advitisers.

Location-Based marketing

This location-based marketing is very specific marketing because these ads show only when the user is located in the location of targeted location. And it shows about the stable business in the same location.

Mobile Search Ads

These are basic Google Search ads that are made for Mobile only, and have extra add-on extensions like click-to-call or maps.

Mobile Image Ads

These Image-based ads are designed according to Mobile and Mobile Devices are shown.


At the time of SMS, Advitisers can send their product ads to users’ Mobile Device so that interested users can buy it.

Google Mobile Ad Extensions

If you are creating Mobile Search Ads with Google, you can also use Google’s nifty mobile ad extensions, which have some great features.

Mobile Site Links

With the help of these Mobile Site Links, Mobile Users can easily jump into specific pages of any website and they will not have to be wandered here. Sites Linking Mobile Marketing is very important because it is very convenient for users in Mobile Devices.

Privacy and Security in Mobile Marketing

We can not ignore Privacy and Security. Because we have to maintain the users’ contact numbers and other details. That’s why the marketers have this responsibility that they take care of the user’s details well, and stop them from knowing them in the wrong hands. For this, you can follow a few steps. 1. Do not share important details of customers with anyone, under any circumstances. 2. Marketers should have permission to message to users. In this process, users should have this option that they can enable or disable this process according to their needs. This will give them more confidence over you.

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