What is XML Sitemap and HTML Sitemap

What is this Sitemap and how to create Sitemap?

Why this is so important?

If we talk about a few days ago, we will know that the same page used to be used in the main page of the Government website before, the same page is called “Sitemap”. Some websites also use the same HTML sitemap till date. But over time, there has been considerable change in the Sitemap, nowadays publish the Sitemap in XML Sitemap  instead of HTML, because Target Audience has now become the Search Engine instead of the people. ‘

In the Asan language, Sitemap is simply a list of pages of your website. Let’s know what Google has to say about this. According to Google, Sitemap is the list of your website or blog containing all the pages of your blog that are listed, and can not find Google’s search engine if you did not include them in that Sitemap. Creating a Sitemap and submitting it reveals Google about their existence, otherwise sometimes Google’s spider does not crawl those pages.

Sitemap is very important for any website or blog because it tells search engines about the pages of your blog, it also explains how content is in your blog and how often it is updated. This information helps Search Engines to show your content in Search Result.

What is the WordPress XML Sitemap

A Sitemap is a list of pages that all users can access. This Sitemap is a way by which Blog Owners inform Search Engine about all pages of your blog, so that they can easily find them. XML Sitemap also tells them which pages are more important than which pages are updated regularly. Well your search ranking from Sitemap does not get boosted but yes, search engines can crawl well on your website.

Why We Need

By the way, if we look at the search engine optimization perspective, then Sitemap for any website or blog is very important. As I have said before, if there is no increase in the ranking of any website from the Sitemap, it is necessary that if this page does not index you, then it becomes the index. Specially, it is very good for new blogs or websites. This is because new blogs generally do not get much back-links in their individual posts due to which they do not appear in search engines. And it is very difficult to find them in favor of search engines.

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If we talk about old websites, we can know that their posts are fully indexed so search engines keep on crawling them easily. And as soon as they update their posts, search engines also know this, so that they fix Crawl Rate for those websites. There by increasing the overall visibility of those websites.How Search Engine Finds a Sitemap Search Engines are very smart in finding a Sitemap. Whenever you publish a new post, a ping reaches those search engines, so that those search engines find that there is a change in the Sitemap of that website.

Different Types of Sitemaps

Here we will know how many types of sitemap are there. By the way, they are mainly of two types.

  1. HTML Sitemap (Hypertext Markup Language)
  2. XML Sitemap (Extensible Markup Language)

Now there are also two parts of the XML Sitemap

  1. Index Sitemap (how many URL Sitemaps are in a website)
  2. URL Sitemap (provides final URL of the URL on webpage)

There are also three parts of the URL sitemap

  1.  Sitemap for Webpages 
  2.  Image Sitemap 
  3.  Video Sitemap 

What is HTML Sitemap?

As mentioned earlier, it is a map that keeps all the information of the website along with its location as well. With the help of these, we can easily get the user any necessary things. If we are deemed to be an example, then we can think that there are hundreds of thousands of webpage in a website and it is quite easy to find something in favor of a user, but with the help of sitemap it will be easier goes. 


Video Sitemaps

We can create a Sitemap of Videos. For this we can create a new and separate file or give video information in an existing sitemap. Adding information increases their visibility into Rich Snippet. Remember that Google can crawl only these video formats like wmv, mp4, mpeg, mpg, m4v, asf, flv, swf, avi, ra and ram.

 Image sitemap

Image Sitemap is very important if you want your image to be show up in Google Image Search results. As in Video Sitemap, we can add information of images to the same existing Sitemap.


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