Whatsapp Business App and Download

Friends are you know about Whatsapp Business App. Last couple of moths rumors cover this news but nobody give perfect information about it. WhatsApp is facebook owned company and after that due to some rezones this New is not announce officially. In Previous days WhatsApp announce it officially in PC(Press Conference).

Here we discuss about all facts of WhatsApp Busines App and How it work and Download.

Now WhatsApp user use this feature easily. By the help of this, user make there business (Enterprises) communication easy. WhatsApp modified there Application logo now a days it show by Green B sing. Still this Application is not working directly but Beta testers use it easily.

Today I think we disclose some facts about WhatsApp Busines App.

What is WhatsApp Business App?

It’s totally New App who start by WhatsApp company but still beta tester use it easily. As we all know according to this name it mainly use for Business porpoise. Mainly it connect client to each other by the help of WhatsApp use interface. It also want a Login id and by the help of it you send timings, Conformation and other dealing related updates.

According to Latest report Whatsapp try to keep differ it’s customer center App from the upcoming Business services App so that Whatsapp planning to introduce this app in different expect. It’s found that company has decided to launch to different servicers. One of them ‘ll be for small business and another one for large enterprise . It’s also found that small business service App will be free but for large enterprise you have to pay some amount for the service.

 WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Business

Before discussing the feature of both App I tell you that there Outlook are same on the behalf of viral picture of WhatsApp business user interface.The main difference of both App is there Logo, where WhatsApp show there Logo by Green Call sing and WhatsApp Business App show it by Green “B” sing.

In WhatsApp Buiness you see some different and advance feature as Business profile, website name, Address and some other business related details.

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There are some special feature who make it effective and user friendly

  1. “Chat Migration” who mainly help to save, transfer and convert your chat to anther account as per business safety purpose.
  2. Company add lots of scenario feature who help to use it in multi device in same time.
  3. Here user use Landline number for opening the WhatsApp Business Account .
  4. Auto Responses feature are also available for reply. Here App send message Automatically and immediately for make good impression on there client .
  5. With all Latest feature company make simple and user friendly user interface.

How to sing in WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business App is not available in Google Play Store due to some technical issues but you login as Meta tester and also give some feed back to company about there new application. For use it firstly you complete Simple survey after that if company accept your request so you’ll enjoy this new app firstly. For need Login user want Google account and some basic information of company.

WhatsApp May soon Wallet feature

Is it different for Regular User?

General WhatsApp user see those message who encrypt firstly but in WhatsApp Business App you see some pop-up with message who help in verification purpose in Business. In this App you see all the details of your dealer as there Location, Company profile, Images. Website name, Phone number and other details.

When WhatsApp Business App Launch Commercially

This information is not clear that when Company launch it commercially But still this App in beta stage so hopefully it’ll be launch soon commercially. If it’s come to company so BookMyShow is only one Indian company who certified by WhatsApp. We know it by the help of WhatsApp’s Green trick on BookMyShow’s company site. Hopefully Ola, OYO, Rooms are also list in this series soon.

May be in last month of 2018  Company launch this App.

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