WordPress Guide : How to enable Google Analytics in wordpress site.

Google Analytics is a google’s service for web publishers and website owners. It gives a platform to know about the website’s or app’s visitors. Their field of interest, etc.

WordPress websites also can be linked to a google analytics account. If you want to do so and get to know your number of visitors, the time they spent on your site, etc, then Follow the Guide.

Create a account on google analytics

  1. Click on this. or open analytics.google.com
  2. Follow through the procedure and enter your website’s details.
  3. You will get a tracking ID, save it and enter into your account.

How to Add Google Analytics to your site (Without plugin)

  1. you will get a code from them which you have to paste in your website after head tag. You can do this by going to admin (left side bar) > tracking code (under property)



2. Copy this code and paste it into your wordpress site’s header file.

3. Go to your site’s dashboard > Left Sidebar > Appearance > Editor > Templates ( Right Sidebar) > Header.php



4. Paste the code at the end of the header.php file, save and you are done.

After few hours, your site’s data will be visible at your analytics account.

How to add analytics to your site (with plugin)

  1. Download and activate this plugin.
  2. It will ask you for the tracking ID of 8 Digit ( UA-xxxxxxxx-1 )
  3. Enter this details and you are done.
  4. Wait for few hours and you will get your site’s analytics in your google analytics account.


Google analytics gives you information about your site in its own dashboard but if you will use plugin, you will get all the important details such as page views, etc. in your wp dashboard.

This article have 2 diffrent ways of adding google analytics to your site. I hope you all liked the article. feel free to comment and ask any question if you feel asking so. Thank you. 🙂

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