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Now a day we have lots of blogging platforms, where we manage our blogs and content easily. Here we discuss about most popular hosting platform as WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler. Apart of that we have lots of other platform but these 3 are too popular. They all are provide good interface and secure platform to publish our thought and ideas.

Before starting this discussion we all know that wordpress has two different versions and we purchase our hosting platform and in ,wordpress also give free hosting platform.Here we try to know the best blogging platform on the behalf of there features.


In Blogger Google provide you blog limits and also google has all right to delete your blogs anytime and you can’t clam for it. In blogger platform your script and data run on Google’s server for it.

In wordpress you have own your platform here you access your data privately. In wordpress you run your data own your server and no one have right to delete and remove your data.When ever you want to remove it and start it. This is called Self hosting platform.

Ownership :- In this point WordPress is better that Blogger.


In blogger you have a separate managing system per blog. This managing system help you manage your blog step by step easily but in Blogger you can’t add any extra feature in your blog.Here you have limited options for you.

In wordpress you modify your blog as per your idea and also add new feature. WordPress is a open source software it means it provides you new feature and graphics. In wordpress you have lost of plugins who help you to make effective website or blog . By the help of plugins without coding you give impressive touch on your website and make it friendly.

How to write a Blog Step By Step

Website Outlook

Here we talk about Templates.

Templates use for changing the blog outlook. When it comes to Blog post so it has limited templates but in beginner you can’t change your blog design according to you. Blog post provide you limited official templates but there template quality are not good. When it comes to wordpress so it provide you lots of free official premium templates and you also change it according to you. In wordpress you change website or blog out look according to you. WordPress is easy to use and WP also give you effective and impressive outlook

Changing themes is easy in WordPress rather than Blogpost.


Google is world best and secure website and blogger post are hosted on Google’s platform . In this case Blogpost is too secure and there blog is secure. Because of Google service it can’t be hack by any hacker easily. In blogpost you never see any type of server problem cause of more traffic and other updates. Google handle all the problems easily.

In wordpress it create little bit problem if you can’t manage your account time to time. In wordpress you have limited hosting source for maintain traffic, but if you get suddenly more traffic so it may be take more time and show some error .In this case you want to update your platform and add some plugins who help to maintain large amount of traffic easy.

How to incraes website traffic


In Blogger post there are limited chance for update. As we all know on previous couples of years google reduce there product. In this situation we don’t know in which time google remove there blogpost platform.

WordPress is a open source software that’s why WP can’t need any company and developer for update. WordPress take update approximately 20+ time within one year.  Wordpress always try to modify there features and provide you effective and impressive updates.

Most of company perform there online task on wordpress sites and give impress output.

WordPress is better than Blogger post. But if you are new for blogging so Blogger post is better for you. It give you user friendly and easy interface. In blogger post you learn blogging paten easily. For regular blogging WordPress is the world best platform for blogging.


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