How to write a Blog (Step-By-Step)

You want to write a blog!!

If yes , so it’s a great plan blogging is not part time job apart of that blogging is a perfect and unique way to express yourself and help peoples with there problems you will overcome by write a blog and make money .

If you are blogger so it’s really helpful to get start and have someone help to avoid there mistake.

I have put this guiding blog together foe you, to walk you through the process to step your blog in 4 easy steps

Choose a blogging platform.

There are lots of blogging platform where you write your blog such as WordPress , Tumblr , Blogger and many more…

So firstly you want to choose a perfect blogging platform where you write a blog easily. However,given that there are over 72 million active users using WordPress today, it’s clear which platform is the boss of all blogging platforms because wordpress support the latest and large number of plug ,Even my own blogs are built on wordpress platform.

There are some feature why WORDPREES are best platform for blogging:-

  1. Setup of wordpress is easy than others.
  2. There are thousand of latest free themes.
  3. WordPress is highly customizable.
  4. It’s secure and easy to update.
  5. There are lots of plugs who help to add other functionalitiy.

 Register domain and hosting.

Now the exciting part! To set up a blog hosting on your own domain, you will need to these basic things :

Domain name

Latest offers on WordPress Hosting and Domains

This will be your personal blog address where people find your blogs. As GOOGLE’s domain is .Your blog domain is as your want to be a perfect name for your blogs . By the help of domain you introduce your blog to all word. When it’s come to the cost of domain so it usually $10/year but if you follow the guide so will show you much cheaper and best domain package.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is home of your blog address or content.Without hosting you can’t be able to you your domain. For example-if domain is hardware so web hosting is a software mean by the help of web hosting you will write and design your contant or blogs.The cost of web hosting is $3-5/month usually.

Design outlook of your blog.

After setup the blog when you will complete your content and ready for blogging so now you read to use wordpress features and customizing your blog .I promise it will be pretty easy and fun at time.

By the help of following points you will definitely give a impress outlook to your blog

Changing themes and layout

Here you have 2000+ professionally designed themes who you change easily . By the installing and activating you will easily change your theme and bolg layout who make your blog more friendly and attractive.

Add images and Fount

For making your blog more attractive you add some blog related pictures and also make headings by changing some fount size and style. It really work for providing a good and better look .

Top – 5 Best WordPress plugins of 2017

Start growing your blog.

At last when you public your blog after completed all the things so now you have give time to your blog for make all the things success. Most of beginner struggle at the point without any guide line but friends its trick and easy . By the using some keyword and blog Force words you make your blog success..

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